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Writer & Photographer, Daisy O'Clee & Justine Desmond making friends in the City of Brighton & Hove

Since the start of lockdown we've seen numerous pictures in the press of police patrolling Brighton beach. There have been stories of people being arrested for having sex, refusing to put out barbeques or moved on for sunbathing, drinking excessively and generally flouting the rules. As a local photographer and writer, we have talked about the contrast between these images and our experiences as people who live in Brighton & Hove and use this stretch of promenade for our own daily exercise. We have both seen the seafront busy at times, but mostly people seem to be doing what is asked of them - walking or jogging whilst being careful to keep a healthy distance from those around them.

For the last few weeks we have been asking the people of Brighton & Hove to tell us a little about their lives and their experiences of lockdown. The response has been fascinating. People have been so happy to share their stories and have their voices heard. We have talked to people who have loved lockdown and those whose lives have been turned upside down. Some people have been furloughed and are worried about their industries and whether there will be jobs for them to return to. People have started to tell us how they are planning for the new world after lockdown - businesses that are finding ways to innovate and individuals who are using this time to up-skill to increase their chances of future employment.

We have loved taking to people and felt privelaged to be able to share a small part of their lives during this extraordinary time. We have decided to broaden this project as we move forwards through the lifting of restrictions and beyond to whatever the future holds. We want to give a voice to individuals to talk about anything that is on their minds, as well as to the entreprenuers and business people of our city. We want to hear how they are feeling and adapting to the rolling changes that are inevitable in the coming weeks, months and even years.

We have set up this special home, dedicated to the thoughts and feelings of the people who have chosed to live in this incredible city and to record history as it happens.